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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Garden Hummingbirds

We watch our resident birds with joy and passion, recording their behavior, noting each new bird in our logbook. Relatively rare sightings always cause excitement, but it’s the resident Anna’s and Rufous hummingbirds that continue to take my breath away. Upon each observation, I find myself frozen, transfixed on their every move. I recently took some time in the garden, quietly waiting and hoping to capture a few images. It turned out to be an exciting afternoon as a fledgling loudly pleaded to be fed and subsequently took short little naps in between pestering the adults. A pair of adults fed silently together and then raucous chattering broke out as two males squabbled for garden territory. These scenarios repeated several times, leaving me to contemplate the rich existence that transpires in the garden while I’m caught up in the business of everyday life.

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Lyneen said...

WHO TAKES THESE AMAZING PICTURES... how relaxing to have such creatures to watch in your garden!