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Saturday, June 20, 2009

A "Steller" Performance

Steller’s jays can be quite comical, and our resident fledglings are no exception. This particular baby scrutinized my every move, while humoring me with cute and quizzical poses. Their antics provide hours of amusement, though I’ll admit I’m easily amused!


Lyneen said...

Great pics of the Stellers!!!

Jann said...

I just love these jays--we had a mountain cabin in the S. Calif. mountains while I was growing up, and we had lots of these guys there--I discovered once that, if I threw peanuts up in the air, the bluejays would swoop down and catch them in midair! Those were fun memories, and I wish I had birds like that in my yard now. I've sure been enjoying my visit to your blogs!