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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Globes de Mariee

During my recent "gal-livantin'" trip with Dolores, we "just happened" to stop by Silverdale Antiques.  They always have a wonderful selection of items to fill the eyes.   At one point, while gawking at something ahead and not paying much attention to what was beside me,  I walked by an antique chair with what I thought was a mohair throw resting on top... and suddenly... the mohair moved!

Look who raised his sweet little head - Kirby, the shop dog!  Can you tell he'd been sleeping soundly until my startled laugh?  Cute little Kirby's definitely a mellow fellow!

Silverdale Antiques specializes in items imported from Europe, and this is where I first saw the Globes de Mariee.  Please excuse the poor pictures - low light by phone - but I know you'll like these two Globes. Aren't they lovely?


For more information and pictures of three more globes on an earlier post, click here.

For those of us who adore these reliquary antiques but cannot afford their price-tag, there is hope...

Ulla Milbrath has offered a free tutorial of a Gilded Fairy Chair, which would be the perfect beginning to your own Globe de Mariee!  Ulla teaches some amazing classes at Castle in the Air, and you can buy some of those special Globe de Mariee supplies at their online shoppe here

For pictures of Ulla's incredible Globe de Mariee chair (French Wedding Chair) class sample, click here.  It's absolutely stunning, and it's hard to believe it's been recently crafted!  It will inspire you!
Have you noticed the pretty little reliquary boxes at the bottom of these Globes?  Ulla sells complete instructions in her Etsy shop on how to make these, and a picture of her class samples can be found here.

Ulla's archived blog:
Ulla's current Tumblr blog:
Ulla was featured in the book  Where Women Create - Book of Inspiration by Jo Packham and Jenny Doh - click here for a look at the picture spread as well as her link to the photo shoot.  While you're at it, spend a few hours perusing both of her blogs - you'll be so glad you did!



Shelly said...

Wow! Those are Stunning! Wouldn't you just love em?

I just got the "snail mail" schedule for the classes at "Castles",,,Dang I wish I lived near Berkley! But then, I'd have to commit some crime to pay for my crafting habit! Ackkk!

Well, back to "burning" tulle and ribbon for headbands! Hope you are having a great week!


Anonymous said...

OMG! These are BEAUTIFUL!!! I would have been drooling all over them, had I been there in person! How very enchanting ...
I will have to take a peek at her web site ... Thank you for sharing, Catherine!

Beth Niquette said...

Wow, these are AMAZING!