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Monday, May 11, 2009

Reuse, Repurpose, Re-Enjoy!

Many items that are now considered throw-aways, we artists consider valuable - if only for their intrinsic beauty. Beautiful, once-loved treasures are suddenly relegated to be without official purpose. I wonder… did they actually lose their purpose somewhere along the way, or did we just cease to realize their value? In the spirit of “reuse, redesign and repurpose,” here are a few of my favorite “re-enjoyments”:

A butterfly appliqué from my great, great aunt Nellie’s dressing gown, coupled with one of her shoe ornaments, gives its aged,tattered body a new, plump physique.

Half of a buckle from my grandmother Virginia now swings and sways with the addition of two antique metallic tassels.

A sterling table broom now is elegant again with its crumbled broom replaced by fringe from a dilapidated silk shawl, embellished with a button from my great-grandmother Marie.

And what silly, wooly llama wouldn’t love her own black Victorian hat made from a strategic portion of a dancer’s costume, along with her own antique dress ornament saddle?

What items do you re-enjoy?


Beth Niquette said...

I love vintage costume jewelry. Their ornate, sometimes brilliantly sparkling presence on neck, ear or arm, create a kind of presence.

When I find these things jumbled together at the second hand store, I lovingly sort them out and use them for sparkle dangles for my garden, or to adorn clothing, purses, and shoe. I often make jewelry from the old things I find--and it is beautiful!

Thank you for sharing these lovely things. ((hugs)) You are such a wonderful writer and artist.

By the way, Mom put an excerpt up on her blog from her book--it's really good1 Check it out!!! (grin)

Linda said...

Cathy, these are such wonderful treasures. I love how you've repurposed them...I'm sure Great Aunt Nellie and Great Grandmother Marie are smiling somewhere!

Lyneen said...

What treasures... and you have repurposed them beautifully. I especially love the LLama!