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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Silly Words - Part I

Ah, the things the dogs and I come up with when we're bored and acting a bit silly...
Today, we have some silly words to share with you!

SillyWord Dictionary - Part 1
by Daggar & Honey

(an ti kwoht) - noun
- the act of demonstratively telling a joke or story while waving one's arms and jumping about

Art Mewveau
(ahrt myoo voh) - noun
- period during the 19th century usually associated with the years in which feline paintings reached a height in popularity

(kahlm fod er ee) - noun
- the peaceful feeling gained from feeding one's own livestock

(fid l pad l) - verb
- the act of repeatedly dropping one's oars while rowing, canoeing or kayaking

(gahrd her belt) - noun
- someone who is dieting; sometimes referred to as "watching one's waistline"

(hahy per men thawl eyt) - verb
- the giddy feeling one gets as a result of eating too many mentholated coughdrops

(hahy per men tl eyt) - verb
- the condition of over-thinking, usually resulting in a feeling of stress; can cause sleeplessness

(lahy ber ee uhn) - noun
- a person, usually a child, who lies about having eaten jelly, pie, cobbler or other berry-based foods; usually accompanied by a tell-tale "berry face"

(pet rohl ee uhm) - noun
- area in one's yard where one's pet dogs frequently discover fragrant items to roll in

planitarry sighence
(plan i ter ee sahy uhns) - noun
- the study of the resultant frustration in cases when one does not get things done in time according to plan
(pos uhm bil i tee) - noun
- the ability to be able to deceive onlookers by pretending to be dead, unconscious, or uninterested in the onlooker's requests or discussions

(tohd stool) - verb
- to step in something objectionable; usually accompanied by a frequency of dogs in the area
(vahys roi uhl) - verb
-the act of getting one's finger stuck in or pinched by the works of a vintage, manual typewriter (a.k.a. Royal brand)


WrightStuff said...

I'm feeling a little 'chindown' today so your words cheered me up! I need to find my Muse, I think she is still asleep. Thanks for the party. I will have to go read everyone's posts. :)

Jessica Leigh said...

Oh, this is too funny!
Such beautiful dogs! Can't wait to meet them! (And see you guys, of course! :D)

Lululiz said...

Great post, they all made me giggle, but my favourite has got to be the petrollium, tehehehe, I have two dogs........

Anonymous said...

Your babes are soooo beautiful! They have quite the vocabulary, my felines are most impressed. However, they inform me that Art Mewveau is still en-vogue these days and will never go out of style!

Have a marvelous day! Thank you, for a fantastic post!!

Lyneen said...

SMART DOGS!!!!!! Love them.

Miki said...

hahahahahahaha!!!!!! I KNEW Honey & Daggar were cut-ups! I just didn't know the full extent of their gifts!

Linda said...

These are just too funny!

Beth Niquette said...

Hahahaa..those are absolutely darling! Thank you for this morning's giggles.