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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Thank you all for joining the Blog Party and sharing your thoughts and artwork. Your beautiful prose and creations are an inspiration!

Beth finds much inspiration in nature - her imaginative drawings and cloud paintings will knock your socks off! See her wonderful artwork and photography on her blog.

Lyneen finds inspiration in her collections of buttons and gifts people have given her; she displays these treasures in her studio. Check out Lyneen's blog to see how she uses some of these buttons in goodies in her artwork - you will love her creativity and enthusiasm (and she always has the latest news on "what's happening...").

Pammy Jo momentarily felt as though her muse was drowning from lack of sunshine, but sledded on through February journaling, reclaiming space and doing some wonderful painted "prairie portraits." See her lovely artwork here.

Sandy has had quite a prolific month creating beautiful cards! She is inspired by OWH and takes many photos to share with OWH donors; she's created an inspirational project honoring Operation Write Home, too. Other things about Sandy.... she has a sketchbook for jotting down ideas, says her cards sometimes subtly reflect her moods, like me loves those walks in the woods and on the beach (but doesn't do that nearly often enough), feels the burden of mowing and dandelions by mid-June, loves to snuggle with Ciara, has a bright yellow car, loves watching birds at her feeder in the morning, loves the sound of bacon frying (yes!!), loves blogging, has gained control over those flea market-garage sale urges. Thanks to Sandy for sharing her heart with us.

Shelly has a wonderful sense of humor that will captivate you, and makes the most scrumptious things (like cake toppers and decorated boxes) out of paper... oh my goodness... Yummy enough to eat! With trims and embellishments galore. Her blog truly will bring some bling into your life! Her three art muses are her Angel/Cherub "Emma" who was inspired by her "Oma (Grandmother)," her "Marla on Maple," mannequin head, and God. To read her comments in their entirety click here.

Wrightstuff undoubtedly draws deep down for her inspiration - her paintings are beautifully enchanting... some of the most soulful eyes I've ever seen. And, many congrats to her on her100th Post Anniversary this month!

Paula writes from her heart, and her words will touch your soul. Her words flow like a river of poetry - a beautiful, inspirational blog.

Thanks, Melanie for joining in as well; we'd love to read about your inspiration on your blog when you're ready.


Beth Niquette said...

Ooooh, you are such a darling! ((hugs)) Thank you!

We are having a hard day here...our little grey kitty died this last weekend and we are grieving. Silly to feel that way about a kitty--but we do.

Thank you for your prayers.

Love you, Sis.

Lyneen said...

Thanks for such a wonderful post... all the muses around. Gotta check out the rest of your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Catherine, thank you for the heartfelt and languid words. You are so very sweet. I cherish your complements ... more than you know!

Have a fabulous weekend, me dear!