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Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's a Blog Party!

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It's a Blog Party - and you're invited!

February is international Muse Month! Let's celebrate by having a "Muse" Blog Party!

OK, I admit I just made up the part about February being international Muse Month, but doesn't a Muse Blog Party sound like fun? For some of us, months of winter have been upon us, pelting us with rain, sleet, snow and frigid temperatures. What better way to recharge our inspiration batteries then pay tribute to our Muse? For those of you who are in the middle of a warmer season, perhaps a diversion from that is warranted as well.

Have you created a piece of artwork that embodies the spirit of your Muse? Are there people in your life that constantly inspire you? Do you have an inspiration shelf or board in your studio? Do your emotions find their way into your artwork? Are you renewed by taking walks in the beach or woods? Does working in your garden refresh your soul? Do the antics of your children or pets keep you grounded? Do you love to surround yourself with particular colors? Does watching your feathered friends give you wings? Do favorite sounds or fragrances ignite the writer within? Does journaling give life to, or put to rest, your innermost thoughts? Does the mere mention of a yard sale or flea market make your heart jump for joy? Does your everyday world have another life through the magic of a lens?

We each have our unique way of seeing the world, and as a result each have our own story to tell. This Blog Party is all about sharing those things, however small, that ignite our creativity and inspire us to record, share and embellish our lives.

Oh, and if you feel you've momentarily lost or misplaced your Muse, join us anyway... we've all felt that way at one time or another. To kick off the party, I'll be sharing an original tale about a tiny Fledgling Princess named Artiste', who of all things... loses her Muse!

If you'd like to join in the Blog Party, leave a link to your blog here in the comments to this post so we can find you, and pay tribute to your Muse on your blog during the month of February. Grab the official Party badge at the top of my sidebar!

Happy "Muse Month" - and thanks for joining the Party!


Beth Niquette said...

What a GREAT Idea!!! I have to go put some boxes in the attic, but I'll be back to put in a link. How COOL is that!

I like the idea of an International Muse Month. February is a GREAT month for that, dear friend. ((hugs))

Lyneen said...

Off to post a link on my blog!

pammyjo said...
Great Idea! Love your blog.

Sandy said...

Here's mine! Not vintage-ey, which is what I really think of when I think "muse"....but I think my inspiration still shines through :)

Thanks Lyneen for the link - I'd been wanting to put my project together for eons and this got me to do it!

Shelly said...

Very fun! Count me in! (found you from just following Lyneen's blog through the OWOH event)

Washington State

Stop by my little blog and say hello,,,and if you'd like you can enter in my little OWOH giveaway!

WrightStuff said...

I love blog parties!! Count me in.

Anonymous said...

Why not! What better way to get out there and be known! Thank you for the introductions Catherine!

Shelly said...

My Muse? Actually, I have three,which I believe is somewhat poetic....

One is my Angel/Cherub "Emma" who can be seen this month on my header for my original blog:
"Emma" was named by me after my Grandmother,,,or as we called her, my "Oma." She was a "Hollander" and probably the woman I have most admired in my life. She and my German Grandfather- my mother/auntie and uncle immigrated to the US in 1929......My "Emma" or "Oma" spoke 5 languages and had the best sense of humour and zest for life of anyone I know- lived to the age of 97. But that is MY Emma/OMA,,,,and NOW you must surely here abit about the origin of Emma the cherub.

"Emma" measures appx. 4ftx4ft with her wingspan. She is attached to a wall in my Livingroom. She is ONE of FOUR original cherubs to hang in the original Waldorf Astoria Hotel. (John Astors Hotel,,,and if you know your history HE died on the Titanic.)

The original Hotel was brought down to make room for Grand Central Railway Station in New York and a new hotel was built off site......So I have my "Emma" a piece of the original hotel.

Now my other muse, can be seen in older posts on my blog
She is "Marla on Maple"-(I named her after Marla Maples of Donald Trump fame merely because when I acquired her, I had a crafting studio here on "Maple" avenue- no personal affinity to Trump or former wife,but it seemed to suit "her" ) she is a mannequin head that I purchased via Etsy that had been hand painted. I use her alot to photograph some of my custom and OOAK (One of a kind crowns and birthday hats.) If it looks cute on "Marla" it's a done deal!

And, lastly, and perhaps most significant is when I create a custom item for someone, I ask God, the Heavens, My Creator,,,however you see or interpret it, for guidance to make something truly unique and special for the individual. Sidebar: I'd say I'm more spiritual than religious,,but I believe in a higher power and I ask for intervention to personalize my creations for the recipients.....

So there you have it,,,My Three Muses! That is MY take,,,,,I'd love to hear more about all of yours!


Mélanie said...

I love the idea. I have to get ready

Lyneen said...

Here is a glimpse of my inspiration self!