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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Recognize Anyone?

For all of you other mixed-media / found object / assemblage / collage artists out there....
You know you are a Mixed-Media artist when:

  1. You've attempted to weave your own faux bird's nest.
  2. You see a gorgeous antique Lalique necklace and Tiffany pocket watch on Antiques Roadshow and can't stop wondering how they fabricated those amazing, fitted boxes.
  3. You regularly find rocks, shells and feathers in the dryer and don't wonder how they got there.
  4. You buy plants based on whether the leaves would make good prints, PMC earring bases, or molds for concrete bird feeders.
  5. When you break a plate, you're secretly happy about the guilt-free addition to your mosaic supply box.
  6. You save the lint from your dryer and keep it sorted by color.
  7. You've posted pictures of tree bark, weathered wood, broken windows or iridescent oily puddles on your blog.
  8. You postpone cleaning the algae off the sidewalk or repainting the fence because you find the weathered colors and textures to be an inspiration.
  9. You have more than one (OK, more than ten) button box or jar.
  10. You've tried making your own "handmade paper with inclusions" at least once.
  11. You buy ugly old lamps and fixtures at garage sales just for the crystals.
  12. You use your heat gun to melt things that require you to wear a respirator.
  13. You've drawn, stamped or attached wings to something within the last two months.
  14. You have several antique optometrist lenses - and know how you will use them.
  15. You've made a bracelet or necklace using charms you've made from your "lone" earrings.
  16. You rust things on purpose.
  17. You've been squirreling away your dog's shed hair in a shoebox.
  18. You've used your gas grille to strip the paint off of any metal object.
  19. You see a cooking show detailing how to make creme brulee, and instead of inspiring your palate, it prompts you rush to your studio to heat-patina some copper mesh.
  20. You save leftover tea or coffee for dyeing fabric and paper, and use the spent tea bags or coffee filters in your artwork.
  21. You know what ATCs, twinchies, moos and fat books are.
  22. You know what day the new arrivals are shelved at the thrift store.
  23. You think those bakery cupcakes would look better with a touch of glitter.
  24. You have more tools in your studio than in your garage.
  25. You compliment your friend's new sweater, but what you're really thinking is, "I wonder if that would felt in hot water?"


The Feathered Nest said...

What a wonderful post!!! I love it and can SO relate! We all are truly kindred spirits....hugs and love, Dawn

Beth Niquette said...

OH, my goodness! Catherine! So many of these are like me, tney're scary! (grin)

It's good to see a post from you, dear friend! ((hugs))

Sharon said...

OMG! You have been secretly watching me!!! Great post. Sharon

Linda said...

I love this and you've described so many of us! Isn't it wonderful to be part of this large group of like minded people?